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pantheios/backends/bec.WindowsSyslog.h File Reference

Detailed Description

[C, C++] Pantheios Windows-SysLog Back-end Common API

#include <pantheios/pantheios.h>
#include <pantheios/backend.h>

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struct  pan_be_WindowsSyslog_init_t
 Structure used for specifying initialisation information to the be.WindowsSyslog library. More...


 Causes the Pantheios Windows-SysLog Stock Back-end to use system time, rather than local time, from emitted log statements.
 Causes the Pantheios Windows-SysLog Stock Back-end to write to the calling process' standard error, in addition to submitting it to SysLog.
 Causes the Pantheios Windows-SysLog Stock Back-end to write any message that fails to be submitted to SysLog to the system console.
 Causes the Pantheios Windows-SysLog Stock Back-end to include the process Id in the statement.
 Causes the Pantheios Windows-SysLog Stock Back-end to connect to the syslog socket immediately, rather than on the first call to syslog().
 Kernel messages.
 Arbitrary user-level messages (the default).
 Mail system messages.
 System daemon messages.
 Security / authorisation messages.
 SysLog (or Pantheios) messages.
 Printer messages.
 Network news subsystem messages.
 UUCP subsystem messages.
 Scheduler daemon messages.
 Private security / authorisation messages.
 FTP daemon messages.
 NetInfo subsystem messages.
 Remote authentication / authorisation subsystem messages.
 Installer subsystem messages.
 RAS subsystem messages.
 Reserved for local use.
 Reserved for local use.
 Reserved for local use.
 Reserved for local use.
 Reserved for local use.
 Reserved for local use.
 Reserved for local use.
 Reserved for local use.
 Boostrap daemon subsystem messages.


void pantheios_be_WindowsSyslog_getAppInit (int backEndId, pan_be_WindowsSyslog_init_t *init)
 Callback function defined by the application, invoked when the API is initialised with a NULL init parameter.
void pantheios_be_WindowsSyslog_getDefaultAppInit (pan_be_WindowsSyslog_init_t *init)
 Fills out a copy of the initialisation structure with default values (representative of the default behaviour of the library), ready to be customised and passed to the API initialiser function pantheios_be_WindowsSyslog_init().
int pantheios_be_WindowsSyslog_init (PAN_CHAR_T const *processIdentity, int id, pan_be_WindowsSyslog_init_t const *init, void *reserved, void **ptoken)
 Implements the functionality for pantheios_be_init() over the Windows-SysLog API.
void pantheios_be_WindowsSyslog_uninit (void *token)
 Implements the functionality for pantheios_be_uninit() over the Windows-SysLog API.
int pantheios_be_WindowsSyslog_logEntry (void *feToken, void *beToken, int severity, PAN_CHAR_T const *entry, size_t cchEntry)
 Implements the functionality for pantheios_be_logEntry() over the Windows-SysLog API.
int pantheios_be_WindowsSyslog_parseArgs (size_t numArgs, pantheios::pan_slice_t *const args, pan_be_WindowsSyslog_init_t *init)
 Parses the be.WindowsSyslog back-end flags.

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