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pantheios/backends/bec.null.h File Reference

Detailed Description

[C, C++] Pantheios NULL Back-end Common API

#include <pantheios/pantheios.h>
#include <pantheios/backend.h>

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#define pantheios_be_null_parseArgs   NULL
 Parses the be.null back-end flags.


int pantheios_be_null_init (PAN_CHAR_T const *processIdentity, int id, void *unused, void *reserved, void **ptoken)
 Implements the functionality for pantheios_be_init() over the NULL API.
void pantheios_be_null_uninit (void *token)
 Implements the functionality for pantheios_be_uninit() over the NULL API.
int pantheios_be_null_logEntry (void *feToken, void *beToken, int severity, PAN_CHAR_T const *entry, size_t cchEntry)
 Implements the functionality for pantheios_be_logEntry() over the NULL API.

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