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Users of Pantheios

The principles of Pantheios have been around, in the Synesis Software codebase, for quite a number of years, and have been verified in many projects, including internal tools, client projects and freeware.

The code that now constitutes what is recognisable as Pantheios has been around since early 2005, when it was forked out of the Synesis Software codebase and turned into an open-source project (even though it wasn't released into the public-domain until Sept 2006; for no other reasons than a lack of time on Matthew's part).

In this guise, Pantheios has already seen service in a number of commercial projects, and freeware components & tools, including the following:

We are confident that you will find Pantheios to be as useful and effective as it has proven in these projects. If you wish to have your project listed here, just drop us a line (via the STLSoft newgroup).

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