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pantheios/backends/bec.syslog.h File Reference

Detailed Description

[C, C++] Pantheios SysLog Back-end Common API

#include <pantheios/pantheios.h>
#include <pantheios/backend.h>

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struct  pan_be_syslog_init_t
 Structure used for specifying initialisation information to the be.syslog library. More...


#define PANTHEIOS_BE_SYSLOG_F_PERROR   (0x00100000)
 Causes the Pantheios UNIX SysLog Stock Back-end to write to the calling process' standard error, in addition to submitting it to SysLog.
#define PANTHEIOS_BE_SYSLOG_F_CONS   (0x00200000)
 Causes the Pantheios UNIX SysLog Stock Back-end to write any message that fails to be submitted to SysLog to the system console.
#define PANTHEIOS_BE_SYSLOG_F_PID   (0x00400000)
 Causes the Pantheios UNIX SysLog Stock Back-end to include the process Id in the statement.
#define PANTHEIOS_BE_SYSLOG_F_NDELAY   (0x00800000)
 Causes the Pantheios UNIX SysLog Stock Back-end to connect to the syslog socket immediately, rather than on the first call to syslog().


void pantheios_be_syslog_getAppInit (int backEndId, pan_be_syslog_init_t *init)
 Callback function defined by the application, invoked when the API is initialised with a NULL init parameter.
void pantheios_be_syslog_getDefaultAppInit (pan_be_syslog_init_t *init)
 Fills out a copy of the initialisation structure with default values (representative of the default behaviour of the library), ready to be customised and passed to the API initialiser function pantheios_be_syslog_init().
int pantheios_be_syslog_init (PAN_CHAR_T const *processIdentity, int id, pan_be_syslog_init_t const *init, void *reserved, void **ptoken)
 Implements the functionality for pantheios_be_init() over the UNIX SysLog API.
void pantheios_be_syslog_uninit (void *token)
 Implements the functionality for pantheios_be_uninit() over the UNIX SysLog API.
int pantheios_be_syslog_logEntry (void *feToken, void *beToken, int severity, PAN_CHAR_T const *entry, size_t cchEntry)
 Implements the functionality for pantheios_be_logEntry() over the UNIX SysLog API.
int pantheios_be_syslog_parseArgs (size_t numArgs, pantheios::pan_slice_t *const args, pan_be_syslog_init_t *init)
 Parses the be.syslog back-end flags.

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