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pan_be_syslog_init_t Struct Reference
[Pantheios UNIX SysLog Stock Back-end]

#include <pantheios/backends/bec.syslog.h>

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Detailed Description

Structure used for specifying initialisation information to the be.syslog library.

Public Attributes

pan_uint32_t version
pan_uint32_t flags
pan_uint32_t options
pan_uint8_t facility

Member Data Documentation

pan_uint32_t version

Must be initialised to the value of PANTHEIOS_VER

pan_uint32_t flags

Flags that control the information displayed.

pan_uint32_t options

Options passed to openlog(). Will be overridden by flags.

pan_uint8_t facility

The facility used by the process. Must be <= 124. Defaults to LOG_USER

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