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fmt Struct Reference

#include <pantheios/inserters/fmt.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Format constants used by Pantheios inserter classes.

These constants control the formatting of some of the inserter classes, for example:

 pantheios::log_NOTICE("Integer: ", pantheios::integer(10, pantheios::fmt::fullHex);

 pantheios::log_NOTICE("Pointer: ", pantheios::pointer(NULL, 8 | pantheios::fmt::hex | pantheios::fmt::zeroPadded);

Public Types

enum  {
  zeroXPrefix = 0x0100,
  zeroPad = 0x0200,
  zeroPadded = zeroPad,
  hex = 0x0400,
  fullHex = zeroXPrefix | zeroPad | hex

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

zeroXPrefix  Applies a 0x prefix to the output.
This is ignored unless hex is also specified.
zeroPad  Zero-pads the output.
Use zeroPad.
hex  Represents the output in hexadecimal.
fullHex  A combination of the zeroXPrefix, zeroPad and hex flags

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